Kingsway Christian Center
Remembrance of Who? - 55m

Remembrance of Who? - 55m

November 27, 2016

Holy Communion Service and a simple reminder...

Main Point: Remember Him, Look to Jesus.
Ask: Is your focus on His Power, Grace, & Healing, or it is it on you?
Scripture: John 2-6
You: Reframed - 35m

You: Reframed - 35m

November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving advice from a professional re-framer.

Main Point: Finding Gratitude through Forced Perspective
Ask: How can you reframe your situation today?
Scripture: Psalm 100
God’s Manager - 37m

God’s Manager - 37m

November 13, 2016
Pastor Chris aims to challenge us in the area of Stewardship.
Main Point: We are supposed to be God's Managers.
Ask: Are you handling God's blessings His Way for His Glory?
Scripture: Genesis 1:28-30
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