Kingsway Christian Center
Temple Stones - 49m

Temple Stones - 49m

January 22, 2017

Building Series Part 3: An introspective look at the church using Old and New Testament teachings.

Main Point: "Temple Stones" can impede God's new work in the church.
Ask: Are you under the weight of a “Temple Stone”?
Scripture: Mathew 24:1-2
Key of the House of David - 52m

Key of the House of David - 52m

January 15, 2017

Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Pastor Terry Bailey.  Join us in this powerful and prophetic word.

Main Point: God is offering you a key that brings authority, access, and authorization.
Ask: Are you ready to unlock your future opportunity and access promises of the past?
Scripture: Isaiah 22 : 22
Rocks and Rubble - 38m

Rocks and Rubble - 38m

January 8, 2017

Building Series Part 2: Time for an altar service that alters your life.

Main Point: Today's altars are built from the rubble of our lives.
Ask: With the rocks in your life, will you lay them down or carry them around?
Scripture: Genesis 28: 18


Foundation Evaluation - 47m

Foundation Evaluation - 47m

January 1, 2017

Building Series Part 1: Time for a spiritual foundation evaluation.  Any chance its sagging or cracked? A 2016 year in review for Kingsway and 2017 look ahead.

Main Point: Solid foundations are a result of action. 
Ask: Look at your spiritual foundation and what do you see?
Scripture: Mathew 7: 24-37


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