Kingsway Christian Center
Straighten Up

Straighten Up

June 25, 2017

Next Level Part 3: Focus.

Main Point: The fastest way to the next level is a straight line.
Ask: Have you've been going round and round with God lately.
Scripture:  Isaiah 40 : 3-5
Fatherhood Redeemed

Fatherhood Redeemed

June 18, 2017

Next Level Part 2: Redemption.  A reminder of the Goel.

Main Point: God has not only redeemed your past, He intends to redeem your future.
Ask: What purpose / promise do you need to be restored?
Scripture:  Ruth 3 : 10
Forward Momentum

Forward Momentum

June 11, 2017

Next Level Part 1: Momentum

Main Point: God is calling you forward.
Ask: Where has your spiritual journey began to stall?
Scripture:  Philippians 3 : 12 - 14
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