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No More Prayers?!?  (Full Message)

No More Prayers?!? (Full Message)

December 31, 2017
"No More?" Series - Part 1 - What if God stopped answering your prayers?
Main Point: Miracles happen when we pray for others - Become a World Changer!
Ask: Would the world change a bit if God answered your prayer today?
Scripture: Daniel 9:23, James 5:16, 1 John 5:14
The Day Love Came Down (Full Message)

The Day Love Came Down (Full Message)

December 24, 2017
Christmas - The Day Love Came Down
Main Point: Unconditional love is not a response. It is a truth.
Ask: What does God's love mean to you today?
Scripture: Corinthians 13, Luke 23:33-41
Blessing the Mistakes (Full Message)

Blessing the Mistakes (Full Message)

December 10, 2017
Blessed Series - Part 4
Main Point: God will flip your script, despite your mess ups.
Ask: Have you considered the bigger story God is writing?
Scripture: Gen 20:17, Deu. 23:5
Sour Milk (Full Message)

Sour Milk (Full Message)

December 3, 2017
Blessed Series - Part 3
Main Point: MismanagedĀ blessings can spoil and turn.
Ask: What are yoiu doing with your blessing today?
Scripture: Malachi 2:2, Luke 12:48
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