Kingsway Christian Center
The Year of the Mouth

The Year of the Mouth

January 26, 2020
Guest Speaker : Dr. Rev. Pastor W. Terry Bailey
Prophetic word for 2020 and for Kingsway.
Hebrew Calendar for 2020 = Year 5780 (Pey).
The Year of the Open Mouth.
(Prophetic Altar Ministry Available Upon Request).
The Commanding Prayer

The Commanding Prayer

January 19, 2020
Part 3: Prayer Series
Main Point: I have a mustard seed and am not afraid to use it
Ask: Are you ready to pray for miracles?
Scripture: 1 Kings 17:1
Prayer GoLD (Full Message)

Prayer GoLD (Full Message)

January 5, 2020
Part 2: Prayer Series
Main Point: Pray for GoLD
Ask: Are you ready to ask God for GoLD today?
Scripture: Matt 6: Lord's Prayer
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