5 Stages of Wilderness

July 16, 2017

Next Level Part 6: Stages.

Main Point: Just like the 5 stages of Grief, there are 5 stages of your wildnerness experience.
Ask: What stage are you in and what do you need to learn from the stage you are in?
Scripture:  Psalm 42

Unexpected Wilderness

July 9, 2017

Next Level Part 5: Revelation.

Main Point: Spend less time stewing on the destination, more time pursuing God's revelation.
Ask: Wilderness experience, a good thing?  or are you suffering from fixation distraction?
Scripture:  Psalm 63

Action / Reaction

July 2, 2017

Next Level Part 4: Effort.

Main Point: For Each of Our Actions, God Has His Own Reactions
Ask: Are you willing to push, climb, and seek Him?
Scripture:  Mathew 6 : 33

Straighten Up

June 25, 2017

Next Level Part 3: Focus.

Main Point: The fastest way to the next level is a straight line.
Ask: Have you've been going round and round with God lately.
Scripture:  Isaiah 40 : 3-5

Fatherhood Redeemed

June 18, 2017

Next Level Part 2: Redemption.  A reminder of the Goel.

Main Point: God has not only redeemed your past, He intends to redeem your future.
Ask: What purpose / promise do you need to be restored?
Scripture:  Ruth 3 : 10

Forward Momentum

June 11, 2017

Next Level Part 1: Momentum

Main Point: God is calling you forward.
Ask: Where has your spiritual journey began to stall?
Scripture:  Philippians 3 : 12 - 14

Spiritual Chairs

May 28, 2017

Have you considered the power of sitting down?

Main Point: Lead Differently.
Ask: What can do you at your seat today?
Scripture: Exodus 17 : 12

My Name is Intern - 40m

May 21, 2017

"Unique Series" Part II:  Consider why you gravitate to what you do?

Main Point: You have God's purpose, He is calling for it.
Ask: What were you born to do?
Scripture: 2 Timothy 1 : 9

Unique - 40m

May 14, 2017

A creative Mother's Day Message by our Worship Pastor: Amber Bates

Main Point: God created you uniquely for a unique purpose.
Ask: Are we misunderstanding our weakness?
Scripture: Psalm 139

People, Purpose & Power - 44m

May 7, 2017

A walk-thru of KCC's Mission by our Youth Pastor: Chris Sufczynski

Main Point:  Need ministry help?  Look at Jesus' life...
Ask: Are you ready for your ministry?
Scripture: Spanning the Gospels