Land of Milk & Honey?!? (Full Message)

August 5, 2018
Walking Dead Series Part 1: Nutrition
Main Point:  Healthy Food = Healthy Body
Ask: What spiritual diet changes are necessary?
Scripture: Matt 4:4, John 6:51

Don’t Stop Them (Full Message)

July 22, 2018
VBS Message: All About Those Kiddies
Main Point:  Don't Stop The Children!
Ask: What can you do to help children come to Jesus?
Scripture: Luke 18 : 15,16

Go Deeper (Full Message)

July 15, 2018
Joshua Series Part VII: Going Deeper
Main Point:  The Holy Spirit is always leading you deeper.
Ask: How deep do you want to do?
Scripture: Ezekiel 47 : 1-12

Provision or Promise (Full Message)

July 8, 2018
Joshua Series Part VI: Provision or Promise
Main Point:  Don't Mistake God's Provision with His Promises
Ask: What if whatever is at the center of your life was gone tomorrow?
Scripture: Joshua 5 : 12

Gotta Be “Not Dead” (Full Message)

July 1, 2018
Joshua Series Part V: Not Dead
Main Point:  To lead, we must be "not dead"
Ask: What must change today for a better tomorrow?
Scripture: Joshua 1 : 1,2

Time To Say GoodBye (Full Message)

June 24, 2018
Joshua Series Part IV: It's Leaving time
Main Point:  Lead by leaving before trying to enter.
Ask: What is it time to leave behind?
Scripture: Joshua 3 : 14

Lead Them (Full Message)

June 17, 2018
Father's Day Special - Priesthood = Leadership not Authority
Joshua Series Part III: Leadership
Main Point:  Lead by moving ahead with what we know we should do.
Ask: What if God is asking you to take the first step?
Scripture: Joshua 3 : 14

Can Use Some Good News (Full Message)

June 10, 2018
Does life keep throwing mud at you?  
Joshua Series Part II: Tired of all the bad news?
Main Point:  God will use your life to demonstrate His Power.
Ask: Are you in need of some good news right about now?
Scripture: Joshua 3 : 15,16

In The Middle (Full Message)

May 27, 2018
** Special Memorial Day Service **
Joshua Series Part I:  When God feels far away...
Main Point:  God will meet you in the middle.
Ask: Are you in the middle of something tough right now?
Scripture: Exodus 25 : 22

Spiritual Partnership (Full Message)

May 20, 2018
Partner Series: Part IV:  God is calling you into Partnership
Main Point:  Even God wanted Partners.
Ask: Who are your Spiritual Partners?
Scripture: Hebrews 3 : 1