Two Boats (Full Message)

April 15, 2018
Partner Series: Part I
Main Point: Experience Jesus.
Ask: What part of your life is Jesus taking deeper?
Scripture: Luke 5: 1-11

The Push (Full Message)

April 2, 2018
Resurrecting Faith Series: Part III 
Main Point: Ressurection Sunday: He did not stop there!
Ask: Easter: Why was the resurrection necessary?
Scripture: Mark 16: 1-7

Held Back? (Full Message)

March 25, 2018
Resurrecting Faith Series: Part II 
Main Point: Clear Your Path
Ask: What's in your way to experience Jesus?
Scripture: Mark 5: 22-42

Tale of Two Sides (Full Message)

March 18, 2018
Resurrecting Faith Series: Part II 
Main Point: Approach Jesus now!
Ask: Would you rather watch Jesus or experience Him?
Scripture: Mark 5: 22-42

Marathon Strength (Full Message)

March 11, 2018
Guest Speaker: Pastor Chris Sufczynski
Main Point: Learn how to run the race: Preparation, Purpose and Perseverance.
Ask:Are you ready to run the spiritual marathon?
Scripture: Lev. 18:5, Heb 12:1

Power Outage (Full Message)

March 4, 2018
Lessons learned from the Wind & Power Outages
Main Point: Today is another opportunity to say Yes to God.
Ask: Do you feel like the power is out at your place?
Scripture: Acts 9 : 10

God’s Love Song (Full Message)

February 18, 2018
 "God's Love" Series - Part 4 - God has a Love Song for Your Life?
Main Point: Choose Your Channel, Turn on His Love Song.
Ask: Do we hear God's love song in our lives?
Scripture: Matthew 3:17

Brag about Love (Full Message)

February 11, 2018
"God's Love" Series - Part 3 - Do you brag about God's love?
Main Point: Bragging about love will impact our lives.
Ask: Do we approach life differently because we are loved by God?
Scripture: 1 John 4 : 10

Most Loved (Full Message)

February 4, 2018
"God's Love" Series - Part 2 - Do you feel loved?
Main Point: God loves you the most!
Ask: Have you accepted how much you are loved today?
Scripture: John 13

Unknown Love (Full Message)

January 28, 2018
"God's Love" Series - Part 1 - Do you feel lovable?
Main Point: God desire is for you to "know" His love for you.
Ask: Are you living every day like you are loved by the creator of the universe?
Scripture: Psalm 103