Unseen (Full Message)

July 30, 2017

Next Level Part 7: Seen vs Unseen.

Main Point: God Often Speaks in the Quiet and with the Unseen.
Ask: Are you pursuing glitz, clamor and the clearly seen?
Scripture:  1 Kings 19 (Part 2)

What Are You Doing (10m)

July 28, 2017

Part of the "Let Down Game" Podcast.  What would you say when God asks you “What are you doing?"


Get Up and Eat (10m)

July 28, 2017

Let Down Game Introduction:

Struggling with disappointment, failure or discouragement?  Get Up and Eat Some More


Let Down Game (Full Message)

July 23, 2017

Next Level Part 6: Success & Failure.

Main Point: Discouragement often follows success.
Ask: Are you ready to get up and eat?
Scripture:  1 Kings 19 (Part 1)

5 Stages of Wilderness

July 16, 2017

Next Level Part 6: Stages.

Main Point: Just like the 5 stages of Grief, there are 5 stages of your wildnerness experience.
Ask: What stage are you in and what do you need to learn from the stage you are in?
Scripture:  Psalm 42

Unexpected Wilderness

July 9, 2017

Next Level Part 5: Revelation.

Main Point: Spend less time stewing on the destination, more time pursuing God's revelation.
Ask: Wilderness experience, a good thing?  or are you suffering from fixation distraction?
Scripture:  Psalm 63

Action / Reaction

July 2, 2017

Next Level Part 4: Effort.

Main Point: For Each of Our Actions, God Has His Own Reactions
Ask: Are you willing to push, climb, and seek Him?
Scripture:  Mathew 6 : 33